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7 best practices for buying trail signs and posts - Strada Sign Supply Inc.

Well maintained trails create a safe and fun experience for novice and expert snowmobilers alike. One of the easiest and budget friendly methods of increasing the visual appeal of your trails is by using high quality signage and posts. Check out our trail product selection and read our helpful tips below!

1.Increase the conspicuity (brightness) of your signage by using a higher standard of retro-reflective sheeting.
Consider an upgrade from Type 3 Engineering Grade to 3M brand Type 4 High-Intensity, sheeting.

2.Use a sign fabricator that’s approved by the sheeting manufacturer.
Strada Sign Supply is 3M Certified for quality you can trust.

3.Keep post rust at bay by using high quality, galvanized steel delineator posts that have a Flo-Coat or Gatorshield coating.

4.Cut out the middle-man!
When possible go directly to the manufacturer or regional distributor instead of purchasing trail signage from resellers. Strada Sign Supply has you covered. We manufacture our trail signage in-house and are the Eastern Canadian Distributor of the Delineator posts!

5.Have custom signs designed by a professional.
Strada can help you our here by following best practices for commanding attention and delivering safety or informational messages to your trail visitors.

6.Make sure you have a maintenance plan!
Plan to replace your signs before the end of the retro-reflective warranty period and inspect your trails often for missing signs or bent posts.

7.Stay compliant!
The OFSC have some general guidelines to follow when installing the trail signage. Click here to check them out!