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Gatorshield Transit Poles

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Beautiful & Reliable in all Conditions:

Strada Sign Supply Inc. manufactures and supplies a proven superior bus pole fixture perfect for harsh weather. This pole utilizes an innovative manufacturing process & in-line tube galvanization process branded as “Gatorshield/Flo-Coat”. In the greater Toronto, Ontario Canada region, there are nearly 2,000 posts in active use since 2009. 


Proven Product Performance:

Commonly used bus pole fabrication methods in metal shops are now outdated and transit post applications can be dramatically improved and customized to meet your systems requirements. Existing HDG pole structures are generally unattractive and once oxidization begins, the pole would begin the white rust to red rust process. The conventional hot dip method for the entire pole is deemed environmentally unfriendly resulting in a product containing contaminations including lead. 


Gatorshield Tube is Widely Used & Industry Adopted:

For years, this tubular product has been adopted for dominant use within many industries requiring superior corrosion resistance, strength and durability. It has proven strength and rust prohibitive properties. Unlike fence or general pipe products, Gatorshield is categorized as mechanical tube and is produced in a controlled ISO manufacturing environment. This tubing can readily be seen in playgrounds (climbing structures) across Canada as well as shelter, awning and conveyor environments. Strada works directly with the tube mill for consistent tubular product support.


Durable & Greener Compared to Conventional Galvanization:

The Gatorshield pole features a triple coated galvanizing process with friendly 99.9% pure zinc and organic topcoat which provides an aesthetically pleasing smooth finish. This top coat also acts as a primer, ready for secondary paint application if required. The exterior finish will not fade, dull or gray which is common to any galvanized dipped based method. The inside of the tube is also manufactured with a zinc-rich paint which also protects the interior weld seam. This pole is fully organic and once the base is affixed base is removed, can be recycled without further processing.


Tested and Trusted Weld Zone Protection Process:

The Gatorshield post is capped at the top and welded to a galvanized base (hot dip method).  The weld zone is protected through a proven superior secondary zinc paint application. This zinc paint has been widely used in providing rust protection on metal applications such as the Peace Bridge border crossing in Fort Erie / Buffalo NY.  


Product Excellence Development Partners:

Allied Tube & Conduit

Supply Rite Steel Inc.

ZRC Worldwide


Pole Comparison:

Original Style Base


Strada Gatorshield Pole with Hot Dip Galvinization
Strada Gatorshield Base with Weld Protection
Original Style Pole (Unprotected Welds)
Original Style Post (Unprotected Welds/Inferior Steel)
Strada Gatorshield Post with Hot Dip Galv. Sealed Cap
Strada’s Gatorshield Post – Hot Dip Galv. Weld Protection and Sealed Cap



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